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The Climategame Delft is a typical example of one of the projects developed to create a shared insight between stakeholders by using Tygron Technology. In a Climategame Delft session the participants take on the challenge of making the Delft University district climate adaptive. Users actively discover the interaction between water, climate, spatial planning, costs and building. Each user takes on the role of one of the stakeholders involved in this challenge. The stakeholders involved in this challenge are: a Housing Corporation, a Project Developer, a Water board and the municipality. Each Stakeholder has its own objectives and actions to reach those objectives. Not all objectives are equally important to the stakeholders involved and not every stakeholder has the same amount of budget.

All players involved need to collaborate closely to solve the challenge in an efficient way and to reach a good final score.

The project was used to prompt the City of Delft, the Delfland District Water Board, DUWO and TU Vastgoed to negotiate climate-proof planning for the TU North area.


Sources of information

Different sources of documentation were used. As a basis for the development of the project both the Ruimtelijke Structuurvisie Delft and the Projectmer Bestemmingsplannen Delft Zuidoost have been of great value in getting deep insight into the challenges faced.

Besides the stakeholder interviews those documents provided us with the most important topics which needed to become the central focus of the discussion.



Distribution of the project had several aspects to it.


We used the climategame in several sessions all over the country in The Netherlands.

As you can see on Twitter, this created quite some exposure.


To explain the Climategame to a broader public we made a short movie which we distributed on Youtube.

This is just one of the ways to distribute knowledge about the project we developed.


To create a broader awareness among the institutes who might be interested in using the Climategame we organized a Mini-symposium. During this symposium people could experience the Climategame and discuss several topics about generic gaming in education and the benefits or caveats using the Climategame in education.


By using the below links some background documentation for the Climategame can be downloaded. These documents consist of an info fact sheet, a Quick reference guide, the full reference book and a dedicated fact sheet for the HEAT stress model.

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