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Bedrijventerrein (english: business park) is a template aimed at the Dutch market, with vacancy of large amounts of offices in a centralized area. The goal of the project is the transition of the area into a renewed economically attractive location to settle, and the transformation of parts of the terrain into a livable residential area.

Bedrijventerrein Project Description

The business park is a real business park on the outskirts of the city. This location is in a downward spiral: Declining employment, a large vacancy real estate rate and aging of the real estate. The municipality wants to renew and work on the intended vision of the "Flexible Work City ": An attractive, viable and sustainable workplace.

An important part of the revitalization plans are the major water issues at hand. The municipality and the water board have agreed in the Water Plan to get extra water storage realized. The closed Water Management Agreement states the following: "Considering the spatial pressure in the area, part of the water storage will have to be resolved with innovative solutions. Private parties will therefore also have to be involved, such as housing corporations and developers”.

To achieve this "Flexible Work City" as well as resolve the water issue all parties involved will need to collaborate, cooperate. Investing by private entrepreneurs is crucial for the approach to succeed!


The Bedrijventerrein contains 5 different stakeholders: Municipality, Companies, Housing Corporation, Water Board, and Project Developer.


The municipality aims to be an attractive town for residents and businesses. For the business park this means a revitalization of the area and the reducing of vacancy. The urban vision contains the objective of “Flexible Work City”.

Developers in the area regularly come up with ideas. Often they involve a change in function: converting company space into office space, or converting offices into homes. In a regional plan however, frameworks have been imposed on the number of offices and businesses. Choices have to be made in this new zoning Plan.

In addition to this, agreements have been made with the water board on realizing extra water storage. The business park is one of the locations where that storage to be realized.


Housing Corporation

Water Board

Project Developer


The Bedrijventerrein contains 6 indicators: Budget, Building, Economy, Parking, Livability and Water.







The Bedrijventerrein contains 7 overlays.










Additional information: Language

The Bedrijventerrein Template is only available in "Dutch".