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After reading this page:

  • you've learned how to adjust a stakeholder in a template.

Previous step

After finishing the wizard modus for the basic tutorial you can adjust some elements in the game. One of the elements are the Stakeholders. This page holds a description of how to adjust the stakeholders. The Stakeholders page holds more information about what a stakeholder is and gives a description per adjustable property of a stakeholder.

How to adjust a stakeholder ?

  1. Select the stakeholder menu
    Stakeholder menu selection.png

  2. Select the stakeholder that you want to adjust in the left column (number 1)
    Adjust stakeholder tutorial basic.png
    The information about this stakeholder that is generated by using the template will become visible when you have selected the stakeholder of your choice.
    When you want to delete a stakeholder you can select this stakeholder and click with your right mouse button. The options add and delete will appear. By choosing the delete option the selected stakeholder will be deleted out of the game and disappear from this column.
    By choosing the option "add" you can add a new stakeholder to the game. This new stakeholder will appear at the bottom of the column and is called Inhabitants (1 or 2 or 3..). Now you can fill in all the information by your self according to the following steps that are given on this page.

  3. You can adjust the name and color of the stakeholder in the bars that are shown in the number 2 column. If you want to change the Type and the name of the stakeholder, you need to change the Type first because when you change the type the name will automatically change with it.
    You can also change the image of the stakeholder. By checking the "playable"-box you can adjust if this stakeholder is an active stakeholder in the game or not. A player is able to choose an active stakeholder in the stakeholder selection screen at the beginning of the game.
    The Stakeholders page holds more information about these properties and about how to adjust them. Note: The last option in this column is the budget, although this option is visible this option is not available in this modus. The description of how to adjust the budget for the selected stakeholder can be found on this page under point 8.

  4. You can adjust the description of the stakeholder that is shown in the stakeholder selection screen by clicking on the Description column (number 3).
    This description is to give the player directions about the responsibilities of this stakeholder. To adjust the Ownership in the game you can click the "Draw Ownership"-bar. Now the Brush Panel will appear that you can use to draw the selection in the map that is owned by this stakeholder. By holding your left mouse button and dragging your mouse over the map you can draw the selection in the map that you want to be owned by this stakeholder. When you are finishes with drawing the desired area you can click "apply selection" and from now on this part of the area is owned by this stakeholder. By selecting the Ownership Overlayer you can see which parts of the area are owned by which stakeholder.
    Draw Ownership tutorial basic.png

  5. More adjustable stakeholder properties can be made available by clicking on level tabs (number 1).
    The following screen will appear.
    Adjust stakeholder 2 tutorial basic.png

  6. The assignment description of the selected stakeholder can be adjusted by editing the text in the assignment box (number 2).
    This text will be visible in the assignment screen that the player sees after choosing a stakeholder when a new game is started. In the assignment description you give more information about the assignments and the importance of the assignments for this stakeholder. Hint: Give the player some directions of what actions they can take to score in their indicators in this text. This will help the player a lot.

  7. Indicators can be linked to the selected stakeholder in the Stakeholder Indicator column (number 3).
    The stakeholders that are generated in the template have already some indicator in this column. These indicators can be adjusted by changing the importance.The importance is the weight that a indicator has on the total score for this stakeholder. The numbers on the right side of the indicators in the column is given in percentages and can be divided over the indicators up to a total of 100%.
    The indicators that are generated by using the template can also be adjusted by deleting or adding a indicator. This can be done by clicking the right mouse button on the indicator of choice. Now the options delete and add appear. By choosing delete the indicator will be deleted from this indicator but is still available in the indicators in the editor.
    Adding a indicator can be done by choosing the add option that appears by clicking the right mouse button. Note: Now a new screen will pop up where the indicators that are created in the editor are visible. If you haven't created an indicator jet, you can not add an indicator to your stakeholder. More information about how to create an indicator is available on the indicator page.

  8. the budget can be adjusted in the budget bar (column number 4).
    To adjust the budget for the selected stakeholder you need to change the amount of money in the budget bar. This is the amount of money that the stakeholder starts with in the level that you have selected in the level tabs. Note: the amount money is specified in K so the number you fill in is multiplied by 1000.