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* [[How-to edit an overlay legend|Edit an overlay legend]]
* [[How-to edit an overlay legend|Edit an overlay legend]]
* [[How-to_add_Subsidence_Overlay|Combine with Subsidence Overlay]]
* [[How-to_add_Subsidence_Overlay|Combine with Subsidence Overlay]]
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Rainfall overlay, part of the water module

The water module in the Tygron Platform is intended to simulate the movement of (liquid) water in the project area, and the impact of this movement. The water module is based on (combinations of) different benchmarks and formulas.

The water module is implemented as different grid based water overlays, where each overlay is tuned for specific analyses, insights, use cases and results.

Overlay rainfall.png Rainfall Overlay provides insight into the water stress and impact caused by (excessive) rainfall
Overlay flooding.png Flooding Overlay provides insight into water stress and impact caused by breaches in levees or other sources causing excessive water inflow
Overlay groundwater.png Groundwater Overlay provides insight into long-term processes of water flow both on the surface and underground

Quick overview

Features and components

Hydrologic features
Hydraulic structures


Water Module Attributes
Hydrological Attributes of Constructions
Hydrological Attributes of Terrain


Main article: Water Module Theory

The Water Module performs a large number of calculations to form a complete hydrological simulation. For more information about the calculations, formulas and benchmarks used, please refer to the main article.