Version 2021.10.5

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Version 2021.10.5 is a combined update released on and on July 2th 2021.


  • Wizard has new checks to validate object data (areas, weirs, etc).
  • Wizard provides large scale automated fixes for invalid data.
  • Water objects visualize the water levels on both ends of e.g. the culvert.
  • Visualization for the Water System (activate via Interaction in Wizard).
  • Three new child overlays: flood arrival time, rise rate and last evaporation.
  • Consistent naming of objects/attributes in the interface.


  • Import CityGML & CityJSON data via Geo Wizard.
  • Improved detection of underground parking garages in the BAG.
  • Support for the new AHN4 (warning: not complete).


  • Combo: Added IF and ERF (error) functions and NO_DATA support.
  • New Animated GIF creator for timeframe overlays.
  • Added button to directly go to last timeframe.
  • Several performance and bug fixes.