Version 2019.7.4

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Version 2019.7.4 was released on (Preview) on Friday May 24th 2019


  • Added warning when culvert, inlet, etc is not correctly positioned.
  • Increased cycle limit, could become issues for long running simulations.

Project generation

  • Fixed issue in Dutch Kadaster layer in which not always all plots were correctly retrieved.
  • Improved railway visualization.
  • Imported asset images are auto-scaled to correct value.
  • Less strict filename checking (auto corrected for invalid characters).


  • Fixed several client issues with network editing.
  • Fixed issue in importing networks using json files.
  • Improved network wizard and added default excel template.


  • Added documentation button with more info.


  • More api feedback added for overlay legends.
  • API is less strict for names, e.g. project names may have capitals now.
  • API provides more feedback about invalid events fired.


  • Invalid characters (e.g. specific Chinese signs) are properly handled.
  • Fixed removing keypoints in cinematics.
  • Fixed scrolling in web panels.
  • Show error message when image uploading has failed.
  • Issue fixed when using 1000+ excels in a single project.
  • Issue fixed where DEM does not properly update in 3D client visualisation.