Version 2019.6.0

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Version 2019.6.0 was released on (Preview) on Wednesday March 27th 2019

Water Overlay

  • Improved calculation speed for large amount of culverts (1000+).
  • Breach Areas can now also have an input area.
  • Pumps have the same functionality as outlets.
  • Pumps flow from low water area start level to high water area start level. In case of no water areas fallback is to surface height.
  • Option to lower all waterways using attribute MAX_WATER_BOTTOM_M.


  • Improved documentation around overlay queries using a Bounding Box.
  • All API queries now support setting a different CRS (e.g. Amersfoort) for input/output values.
  • Items lists can be queried using version and Bounding Box.
  • Default CRS is now: Pseudo-Mercator (EPSG 3857).
  • Improved consistency of event naming.

User Interface

  • Updated several icons/images for editor functionality and overlays.
  • Start menu provides getting started movies.
  • Measurement size tweaked for smaller screen sizes and several related bugfixes.
  • Improved Terrain Height import wizard.