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Version 2019.4.0 is released on (Preview) on Thursday Jan 31th 2019


  • Breach Growth: This is a new feature that replaces the old breaches. It can also grow the breach in size over time.
  • Weir: Dynamic switching to submerged weir flow when needed.
  • Weir: Option to change the weir's height over time. E.g. a winter and summer level.
  • Several small bug fixes related to extreme values and small round-offs in e.g. inlets and groundwater.


  • Traffic Noise overlay is 5x faster and new option to set the background noise.
  • Traffic Noise distance limit (how far sound can travel) is upgraded from 500m to 2000m.
  • Both Sight Distance and NO2 Overlay are also 5 times faster.


  • Attributes for Items (Buildings, Areas, Indicators, Neighborhoods, etc) can now have both single an multiple values.
  • Option in menu to set the amount of max decimals an attribute can take.
  • Color attributes now accept both single value notation and 3/4 values RGB(A).
  • Excel Library is updated for the new Excel features (e.g. areas) and improved performance.

Performance & Stability

  • Peak hours allow up to 1 hour calculation, you can automatically schedule an update to off-hours for longer calculations.
  • Large Projects are saved faster to disk, preventing long freezing projects.
  • Updated underlying Geo Libraries and GPU Drivers for improved performance and compatibility.


  • Implemented a new naming convention for Editor Events. This improves consistency and readability.
  • Most e.g. REMOVE events now support both single value and multi value (e.g. delete an entire array of buildings).
  • Net Line Definition is now called Net Function for consistency reasons.