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Version 2019.3.0 is released on (Preview) on Thursday Dec 20th 2018


  • Performance improvement for ground water.
  • Improved water flow stability around edges and shorelines.
  • New option to set both lower and upper thresholds on Breach Areas that trigger the in/outlet to become active.
  • Breach Area's FLOOR_LEVEL_M has been renamed to SURFACE_OVERRIDE. Conceptually, it can also be used to raise land, with our without water flowing in and out.
  • Water areas now only define the Water Level in an area. Inlet Objects can be added as (underground) buildings.
  • A negative value for Inlet behaves as an Outlet.
  • A Lower Threshold can be set to limit the amount of water added by the Inlet.
  • An Upper Threshold can be set to limit the amount of water removed by an Outlet.
  • Both Thresholds are optional.
  • Outlets are now correctly named Inlet (positive values).


  • Renamed Dike to Levee.
  • Bugfixes for Measurement Tool.
  • Measurement Tool shows distance in meters and had start/end color dots.
  • Measurement Tool flies to old location when selecting a previous Measurement.
  • Ability to drag in GeoTIFF files.


  • Support more Color Queries (e.g. network lines).
  • Support for is active on Overlays and Indicators.


  • Removed all JavaFX code from Developer SDK, Java 11 compatible now.

Known Issues

  • Groundwater is still in BETA (experimental) it has not been thoroughly tested.