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Version 2017.0.3 has been released on September 23rd, 2016. This release was focused on Template Popups and a new TQL query LOTPOLYGONS.


  • The editor panels remain visible during a test run (so you can check values ​​and helps with debugging Excelsheets).
  • Loading and removing Area's is accelerated (factor 500 times faster).
  • A number of GUI enhancements in the editor, wizard and viewer.
  • The popup template is fixed and is applied directly if you are using a template for your project.
  • NEW TQL query: LOTPOLYGONS, with this selection you can create a popup that selects an area for example to pointout where there is nuisance. (in Excel visible as 1 [data] and 0 [no data] and the polygons are also stored in popups)
  • Popups can retrace the outcome (by arrows) of a requested selection based on the polygons in this selectioin and if relevant also activate overlays.
  • Template popups can contain answers that adjust attributes.
  • Check the Cache at startup of your project is faster.
  • Permission popup shows the results of the requested action on the indicator(s).
  • Permission popup runs along all zones (spatial plans) and will provide the outcome in one answer. In the Zone panel all that are included in the request are visible.
  • Spatial planning: Only the latest approved plan is used in the project. Sometimes there are as many as 10 plans and before you could also get 10 times the number of zones, often with the same values.
  • Video/hardware test is faster and more robust.
  • Intel cards support is better.
  • Racing conditioning check in excels. If two excels update the same value in the world, the engine now shows an error rather than pick one of the values. This is also a check not two TQL labels refer to the same cell in Excel. NOTE: Please check old projects. It could give errors in excel indicators.


  • Fixed sloping roofs
  • Fixed recognition of bridges in the BGT.
  • Fixed Linux bugs (Mac not yet)