Using Templates in the Wizard

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This article may contain references or images in the style of the old Tygron Platform.
Main menu → Editor → New Project
Because the creation of a project is more then rendering a 3D world with one stakeholder and one indicator, it is also possible to generate a project based on a template from another project. By using a template project, multiple stakeholders and their indicators are added to the project. A basic spatial issue is incorporated in this template, so that the created project has an actual objective to resolve. In the near future more dedicated template projects will become available. The template is being selected on the same panel as where the project (area) is named. Localization settings will be set by the template.

How to generate a project based on real data and a template:

  1. Log in to the online Tygron Platform
  2. Select "Start Editor" from the main menu Editor section
  3. Select "New Project"
  4. Name the project as desired, localization options are set by the template
  5. Select the template to use from the drop down menu (bedrijventerrein) and continue
  6. Select "Yes" when asked to use real data and continue
  7. Select the size of the 3D world area from the drop down menu
  8. Select the area on the map by clicking with the left mouse button
  9. Rotate the selection by pressing the "R" key and dragging the mouse while holding the left mouse button
  10. When ready, confirm the selection by selecting the "Generate area" button
  11. After the rendering process is complete, select "Next"
  12. Add more stakeholders if desired from the drop down menu and continue
  13. Add more indicators if desired and continue
  14. Couple the indicator(s) with the stakeholder(s) and continue
  15. Confirm all selections and continue
  16. Notice the selected 3D world is generated