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After reading this page:

  • you've learned how to contact Support.
  • you've learned the different types of Support.

How to contact Support

You can contact Tygron support by sending an email via our Support Portal: Contact Tygron Support. The portal is specifically for technical support and paid substantive support. This option is also available directly from the editor. The mostly used support option is our Tygron Forum: Tygron Forum Here you can post your question for free and share the knowledge with other Tygron users. Not only the Tygron support team answers your questions here, also other community members can answer your question and share tips with you here.

Different types of support

Tygron offers two types of support: Substantive and Technical Support.

Substantive Support

Substantive Support is support on the use / functionality of the Software. This involves extra explanation of how things work but not technical incidents.

  • a. This can always be provided free of charge via the online manuals supplied with the Software or the Online User Community website.
  • b. In addition, clarification can be delivered via telephone / e-mail / "on site" by Licensor's specialists at EUR 100 per hour. For substantive support a confirmation of the domain administrator is needed that there will be costs involved.

Technical Support

Technical Support - unlimited (email / telephone): Reaction on incidents (errors / bugs) with regard to the functioning of the Software. An incident is an obstacle encountered by an End User or Licensee, for which the assistance of Licensor is desirable or necessary. Incidents are handled in the following order:

  • a. Urgent incidents; incidents that lead to the Software not being used at all by the Licensee.
  • b. Serious incidents; incidents which significantly limit working with the Software. This category includes incidents in which a certain functionality within the Software can not be used, while the rest of the Software works without problems.
  • c. Other incidents; incidents that limit the work with the Software to a small extent. This category includes incidents that relate to a specific end user, while the other end users of the Software are not affected.

This type of Support is free because it is included in the license contract.