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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what the parking alert is.
  • you've learned how the parking alert is used.
  • you've learned how to configure the parking alert.


Wat is the Parking alert?

The parking alert is a panel with a 3D icon which warns users when the amount of parking facilities in a given neighborhood is insufficient to comply with general demand or legislative requirements. This alert is useful for:

  • Urban development projects
  • Different spatial plans are compared in the 3D world

The alert appears in the 3D world when the amount of parking facilities required exceed the amount of parking facilities provided in a given neighborhood. The resulting panel will display the availability, demand, compliance rate, and remaining demand. The color of the popup of the alert will change based on the compliance deficit.


The parking alert.

The alert shows the following information:

  • The amount of parking facilities available.
  • The amount of parking facilities demanded.
  • The current compliance rate.
  • The mandated compliance rate.
  • The amount of parking facilities which need to be added to meet the mandated compliance rate.


The panels appears when


  • is the current amount of parking lots
  • is the amount of parking lots demanded
  • is the current compliance rate
  • is the mandated compliance rate

The mandated compliance rate is set by the neighborhood's REQUIRED_PARKING_COMPLIANCE_RATE attribute. If the neighborhood does not have that attribute, the mandated compliance rate is equal to the compliance target of the Parking Indicator. If there is no such indicator in the project, the mandated compliance rate is 1.


The Parking alert will work out-of-the-box. It should be loaded into the project as a Template Panel, and templated on Neighborhoods.

The alert will automatically support Dutch and English, based on the project's language settings.

For additional configuration, a neighborhood can be provided with a REQUIRED_PARKING_COMPLIANCE__RATE attribute.

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