Sewer area (Water Overlay)

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A sewer area is part of the definition of a system of sewers in the specified area. Sewer storage is present in the hydrological model wherever the sewer area intersects with a sewered construction.

Similar to water level areas, sewer areas only define a sewer storage amount in grid cells that are marked as sewered. A grid cell is marked as sewered, if:

  1. It is covered by a construction with a SEWERED attribute > 0.
  2. It is covered by a sewer area with a SEWER_STORAGE attribute > 0.

A sewer area can also pump stored sewer water to an external area outside the project. However, water that has been pumped out will remain in the external area and cannot be pumped back. By default sewers do not pump water to external areas.

Icon Attribute Unit Description Default value
Waterwizard icon sewer storage.png SEWER_STORAGE m The maximum water height the sewer can store. This value, multiplied by the grid cell size and the amount of grid cells marked as sewered, forms the total amount of water this sewer can store. 0
Waterwizard icon sewer pump speed.png SEWER_PUMP_SPEED m3/s The amount of water per second, removed from the sewer by pumping it to an external area outside the project. 0



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