Weir (Water Overlay)

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Weirs are effectively small dams in the water, and allow water to flow from a water body with a higher water level to a lower water level. Any water exceeding the height of the weir can flow over it, increasing the throughput as the water level increases. Strictly, water can flow over the weir in either direction.

Waterwizard icon weir.png A weir is a line-based construction.

Icon Attribute Unit Description Default value
Waterwizard icon weir height.png WEIR_HEIGHT m + datum The height of the weir. Water can flow past the weir when the water level exceeds the weir's height. n/a
Waterwizard icon weir width.png WEIR_WIDTH m The width of the weir. 5
Waterwizard icon weir coefficient.png WEIR_COEFFICIENT coefficient The flow coefficient related to the shape of the weir. 1,1

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