Flooding Area (Overlay)

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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what the flooding area overlay is..
  • you've learned what information is displayed on the flooding area overlay.

Terrain Flooding

Optional Terrain Flooding overlay
Main article: Terrain Flooding (Overlay).
This overlay displays active flooding areas. This overlay becomes available for each stakeholder.

What the Flooding Area Overlay is

Active flooding overlay

The Flooding Area Overlay is an overlay that displays flooding terrains in the assigned colors as in the properties of the flooding areas. For this overlay to display information, flooding areas need to be created. For information on creating flooding areas see areas.

Adding a Flooding Areas Overlay

How to add a Flooding Area Overlay:

  1. Select 3D World → Overlays
  2. Select 'FLOODING_AREA' from the drop down menu on the bottom left of the screen
  3. Select to Add the overlay
  4. Notice the Overlay icon is now available under the mini map