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{{Water Module buttons}}
{{Overlay attribute
{{Overlay attribute
| attribute=FLOOR_HEIGHT_M
| attribute=FLOOR_HEIGHT_M

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Attribute Unit Function value Description
FLOOR_HEIGHT_M m Floor height (m) The height of a floor in a construction. Additionally each section of a construction can have a different amount of floors.

Construction height

Though not an explicit attribute or function value in and of itself, the height of a construction for the water overlay is calculated as:
construction height = floors * floorHeightM,
where the floorHeightM is the construction's attribute value for FLOOR_HEIGHT_M and floors is the amount of floors of the construction's section.

Construction height in water model

The height of constructions is taken into account when computing the flow of water above ground. Constructions are computed to have at most a height of DESIGN_FLOOD_ELEVATION_M. Lower constructions retain their own construction height. Taller constructions have their height capped at the attribute's value.