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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what the 3D World is.
  • you've learned how the 3D world relates to the Tygron Engine.
  • you've learned out of which elements the 3D world is created.
  • you've learned how to create a 3D world.
  • you've learned how to edit the 3D world.

What is a 3D World?

The 3D World is a visual representation in three dimensions of (a part of) the real world or a virtual area.

What is the function of the 3D World in the Tygron Engine?

When using the Tygron Engine, a three dimensional (3D) visualization of the selected area is rendered. In this 3D world the players can together navigate and perform their stakeholders actions. The effects of their actions are also instantly visualized, delivering direct visual feedback. When for example a stakeholder action negatively affects water storage in the game area, floods will occur and be displayed during heavy rain fall.
Tygron Engine 3D World

Elements of the 3D world

The 3D world consists of certain elements. These elements will be shortly explained below, however, for more details, please follow the links for the specific pages of these elements.


Main article: Constructions.
Constructions are all the objects that can be build/ placed in the 3D world. They are split in three main groups:
Constructions panel in editor
  1. Standard buildings:
    These constructions are divided in sub groups, such as offices, housing, industry, agriculture, etc.
  2. Landmarks:
    To improve player immersion and recognition, some objects are moddelled from real life landmarks. Examples are renowned constructions such as huge Dutch Delta works, university faculty buildings in Delft, the freedom towers in New York and other large spatial objects.
  3. Roads:
    This group contains all different types of road surfaces, from African dirt roads to high tech Vietnamese Rapid Transit train tracks.


Main article: Land.


Main article: Zoning.
The 3D world can be divided in different zones. Each zone can have it's dedicated zoning plan, describing which types of constructions are allowed. The municipality usually has the task to approve building permits according to what is allowed in these zoning plans.


Main article: Terrains.


Main article: Overlays.

Dike Types

Main article: Dike Types.

Upgrade Types

Main article: Upgrade Types.

How to create a 3D World in the Tygron Engine

Main article: Wizard.
The 3D world can be created through the wizard. In this part of the editor, the user can select the game area, decide to base the game on real data, use custom shape files or start with an empty 3D world after selecting the size of the game area.

How to adjust an already existing 3D World in the Editor

Main article: Editor.
Upon creation of a game, it is possible to adjust the game's 3D world afterwards too: by loading the game back into the editor. It is then possible to replace any of the constructions by any other construction in the engine, or to address any of the other elements of the 3D world; zoning, ownership, behavior and ground price.